Saturday, January 9, 2010

Feeling Better

Thank you all for your support and advice!

I started my Lupron Injections on 12/29. I was terrified the first morning but after two "test swings" I was able to do it all by myself. I was very proud of myself and so was hubby. We have our morning routine now, he gets up at 5:30 takes the lupron out of the fridge, then he wakes me up at 6 and he watches me inject myself, he goes to work and I go back to bed for 2 hours. The injections didn't hurt at all at first but now they are starting to hurt a bit. I guess it's because I am going over the same spots. My left side hurts a lot less then the right side. The needle doesn't seem to want to go in on the right side. The side effects have been that it seems to make me vomit. I started vomiting after the 4th day. Thank goodness no migraines though!

AF arrived yesterday evening and of course the IVF nurses do not answer calls during the weekend. I left a message and they'll call me on Monday and tell me what to do next. I'm assuming they'll have me come in on Tuesday for U/S and blood and then I can start stimming!!!!! I am so excited. This cycle will be over before I know it and hopefully it will result in a healthy baby.

Hubby and I seemed to be doing a lot better since I started the Lupron. I think I'm a little less on edge since now I feel like I am doing something and things are happening. Where as before I was just waiting for months.

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