Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We're Stimming!

I started stimming last night. I took 1 Bravelle and 2 Menopur yesterday and today. I also decreased my lupron from 20 units to 10 units. Tomorrow morning I will go in for blood work and I guess they will adjust the dosages. I felt crampy today and I now I have a headache. Yesterday the injection hurt like a MOFO but today it was perfectly fine. I will never understand why some days I'm dying and other days there is no problem.

In other news Hubby and I are looking into buying a Co-op. We got pre-qualified for a mortgage today. I am really hoping we can find something great and do this. We are throwing our money away renting. According to my calculations I think we would save money if we bought something. We are renting a huge apt. right now so when we buy we would lose a lot of space but I'm ok with that just to have something I could call my own.

Maybe 2010 will bring a baby and a Co-op!

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  1. My shots have hurt like a MOFO this cycle and I can't figure out why. I cried the other day b/c it hurt so bad.

    I hope you get a baby AND a co-op this year!!