Saturday, January 16, 2010

Follie Check

I went in today for a blood test and ultrasound to check on my follicles. I have 2 on my left side and 1 on the right that are dominate and then they said I have a bunch of smaller ones. I honestly don't know if this is good or bad. I think it is good since I've done 4 injections. They took me off the Bravelle and told me to only take 2 Menopur's tonight. Once again I have no clue if this is good or bad. From the research I did, it seems that the Bravelle helps create more follicles and the Menopur help mature the follicles. So I guess they are trying not to over stimulate me. Who the heck knows!

The injections at night seem to be getting better but I don't want to jinx myself. I already went through two boxes of Menopur. I really hope I won't need to order more.

I'm getting a little bit more bloated. You can definitely tell there is something going on in there. Yesterday I had to wear a dress to work because the thought of pants digging into me just didn't float my boat. The injections also seem to be causing some major constipation. I am taking the antibiotics also so I'm surprised I'm not having the opposite reaction. I also have a lot of cramping and tugging, it actually feels a lot like when I was pregnant. Lovely huh?!?!?

We went and looked at a Co-op today and it was horrible. O well. Tomorrow we are going to go look at a Condo but who knows if we can really afford it.

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