Sunday, April 11, 2010

Update of my life

We found two potential donors we like. We have one that has the same blood type as E and one that does not. I think we both like the one that has a different blood type than him but E feels we should pick sonmeone with the same type. We will talk to the dr about his concerns and see what he says.

I didn't realize how much a vial of sperm went for. 525?!?! I wanted to buy a lot and freeze it but after closing on the condo and doing everything for that we are tapped. Hopefully this will do the trick and we won't need too many vials.

We are closing on the condo on the 21st. It only took 3 months! Very excited. We did some shopping today so that was fun. At least that will be one iess thing to worry about in aprox. 2 weeks.

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