Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Grow Follies Grow

So far I have been stimming for 5 nights and have been going to blood work and U/S every freaking day. After what happened last cycle the are watching me closely so instead of everyother day U/S it's every day. It works then I'm happy to oblige.

Tonight I will add the Ganirelix to the mix. The nurse thinks I still have about 4 more days till I'm ready to trigger but I think it will be sooner. Wishfull thinking maybe?!?!? I'm starting to get uncomfortable now. I'm crampy and just feel those follies growing.

I have 30 follies all together but 15 are all around the same size and those are the ones they are watching. She said there are 3 more that will probably catch up so she is thing 18 total. WHOOOHOOO much better then my 7 last cycle. Hopefully they will all produce a healthy little egg.

So in very sad news, we had plans last night so I was kind of rushed when I was doing my injection and by accident I pushed the plunger before I stabbed myself and lost half the liquid and had to start over!!! Ihad to throw out 2 bottles of Menopur and 2 bottles of Bravelle. I wasnted to scream. Hopefully I'll still have enough and won't have to order more because of my screw up.

Going to go give my follies a pep talk!

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