Saturday, February 20, 2010

Starting Over

I met with my RE last week to see what he felt went wrong and where do we go from here.

He felt that the Lupron wasn't doing it's job correctly and that is why we only got 7 eggs. I had lots of other small follicles but they other 7 follicles were large and ready to come out so they had no choice but to trigger. He is hoping next time to get lots of follicles that will grow at the same pace.

This time we will be doing an Antagon Protocol. I started BCP's on 2/9 and should see AF the 2nd week of March and then I will start stimming again.

They also froze the 4 poor quality embryos and will thaw them out 3 days before my 5dt and hopefully they will grow some more so we can do PGD on them. The Lab director and RE aren't too optomistic about them but they say it is worth a shot.

In Condo news we are officialy in Contract and will be having the inspection tomorrow afternoon. At least I have the condo to focus on but I must admitt I still spend most of my time focused on IVF and babies. Hopefully my parents and husband will have to do all the packing and unpacking since I will be too tired from early pregnancy to do anything. =)

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